Attraction, retention and development

The Saskatchewan Young Leaders program is a group of young system leaders working together to empower youth to grow and prosper in and for the credit union system—through attraction, retention and development.


Your Committee 

The Saskatchewan Young Leaders is led by a committee of 7 employees from credit unions across the province.


Sask CU Advance 2.0

And the winners are… CU BY DESIGN! Congratulations to all of the finalists including Creative Crew & MarketAbility.


CU Forward

An event dedicated to helping young leaders move their ideas and careers forward in the credit union system.

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The Power of Positive Thoughts

Recently I attended a conference where I had the privilege of hearing from Mark Tewksbury, Olympic Gold Medalist and Debbie Muir, one of Canada’s greatest coaches.

Power of Change Retreat

The 2017 SYL Leadership Retreat took place August 21-23 at Shekinah Re-treat Centre. This year’s event host-ed 40 young leaders representing 16 different organization from the Sask. Credit Union System.